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Python: Introduction

Python is a high-level programming language that been around since 1991. It emphasizes readability syntax. The latest version is 3.6.1 and its documentation is located at

Let's get some basics out of the way.

First of all, you should install Python 3 on your system. Installation instructions are here: Installing Python 3 on your computer will help you follow along on you computer. If you don't want to install Python, I will post links that allow you to Hack the Code I write about.


You can use the print() function to write out a string.

Figure 1

Let's write some text to the screen

    # Print a simple statement
    print("Hello there, world!")
    # Print out a math expression
    # Assign variable called val the sum of 8 and 7
    val = 8 + 7;
    # Concatenate and print out a statement with the variable containing the math expression
    print("8 + 7 = " + str(val))

Hack the code yourself:

More on string manipulation

Figure 2

Additional information regarding string concatenation (adding varying pieces of data together to form a string)

    # concatenate strings by using empty spaces between the quoates
    print('This ' 'and ' 'that ...')
    # you can also 
    anotherStringVariable = ('this is the first part of the line' 
                            ' and this is the second part of the line' 
                            ' and this is the third part of the line')
    # get the position of a character in a string
    myString = "O say can you see ..."
    posOfYou = myString[10:13]
    # reverse the string by leaving the begin & end of [begin:end:step] syntax
    # and using -1 to step backwards
    revString = myString[::-1]

Additional information on how to manipulate strings can be found on Python's Doc website

Hack the code yourself at